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Categoria: XVI – XIX Centuries

JFO – MINIATURE PAINTING for WARGAMES 2017-06-13 04:07:38

13.06.2017, | XVI - XIX Centuries

I have completed the following napoleonic french old guard grenadiers from Warlord Miniatures. I hope you like them! JFO Miniature Painting

28mm Napoleonic British

10.06.2017, | XVI - XIX Centuries

I’m making some painting tests with old miniatures in order to improve my painting techniches. Today I’ve finished two british napoleonic fusiliers in 28mm. I…

Napoleonic French General in 28mm

01.05.2017, | XVI - XIX Centuries

I’m starting to paint again napoleonic miniatures. I’ve started with this mounted french general. The miniature is from Painting War miniatures. JFO Miniature Painting

Landsknecht musketeers

19.04.2016, | XVI - XIX Centuries

I think I’m getting old. Despite I still paint and collect armies in 15mm, I am enjoying more and more painting and collecting armies in…

Napoleonic French Line Infantry Battalion

22.04.2014, | XVI - XIX Centuries

Today I have finished my first 28mm napoleonic french infantry battalion. They represent some fusilier companies, and one grenadier and one voltigeur company as well.…

[Preview] French Napoleonic Line Infantry

13.04.2014, | XVI - XIX Centuries

I am now painting miniatures for a new period: the napoleonic wars. Here you can see the first four fusiliers from a line infantry battalion,…