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Blood Bowl 2016 rulers

18.04.2017, | Sin categoría

A couple of goodies for my Blood Bowl games JFO Miniature Painting

Going on vacation

05.01.2016, | Sin categoría

I’m going on vacation for the next weeks. I have some painting works on the tabe that I will complete when I’m back: – Finnish…

10mm Late Roman army

05.11.2015, | Sin categoría

I’ve started a new project: a Late Roman army in 10mm for Warmaster Ancients. I acquired this army a year ago and now I’ve decided…

Roman Reinforcements

02.11.2015, | Sin categoría

Three new bases for my big-based roman army. Some equites contatorum and balearic slingers. All the miniatures are from Corvus Belli Miniatures. JFO Miniature Painting

Welcome English followers

24.11.2014, | Sin categoría

From now on I’ll try to post both in English and Spanish. I will begin with my former posts and try to catch up ASAP.…

Calentando motores: bienvenid@s / Warming up engines: welcome

23.11.2014, | Sin categoría

(English version below) Buenas a todos, hacía tiempo que le daba vueltas a la idea de crear un blog para compartir algunas de mis fricadas…

Plans for next year

17.11.2014, | Sin categoría

The year is about to finish and because of professional matters I will not be able to upload the blog until January. Due to that,…

Keep going

09.09.2014, | Sin categoría

After a summer break I will start to paint again. I have some projects that I’d like to finish, and I’ll focus on them. I…

A stop on the journey

05.07.2014, | Sin categoría

Due to personal issues that will keep me far away from my painting table, I would not be able to accept commissions in a while.…

Carronade 2014

30.04.2014, | Sin categoría

I am going to a show!! Meet me at Carronade (Falkirk, Scotland) on the 10th of May. I will be at the table 9 from…

EBAY Shop Reopened!!!

24.03.2014, | Sin categoría


Panzer II

10.01.2014, | Sin categoría

My first miniature of 2014: a 1/72 Panzer II for a friend. The model is from Revell. JFO <Juanbususto>


19.12.2013, | Sin categoría

I’ll be on holidays for some weeks, so I will not update the website up to January, Merry Christmas!! JFO <Juanbususto>