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Categoria: Fantasy / Sci-fi

Blood Bowl Dwarf Team

31.05.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

I quick painted Dwarf Team for Blood Bowl. All the players are from Citadel Miniatures. The Deathroller is from Willy Miniatures. JFO Miniature Painting

WHFB Imperial Marshal

02.05.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

A general for my oldhammer imperial troops. It’s a special character but I will use it as a common general. JFO Miniature Painting

Oldhammer WHFB Imperial Mage

23.04.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

A second mage figure for my Oldhammer Imperial army. In this particular case, it is a grey mage. JFO Miniature Painting  

Blood Bowl Human team

30.03.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

With the issue of the new Blood Bowl edition I decided to grab a couple of teams. I don’t really like the new miniatures produced…

WHFB Oldhammer Imperial Steam Tank

14.03.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

One of my collection’s Steam Tanks from the WHFB 4th edition. It alone seems to be too white, but together with the rest of the…

WHFB Oldhammer Knights of the White Wolf

09.03.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

And another add for my Imperial Army, a regiment of Knights of White Wolf. JFO Miniature Painting

WHFB Oldhammer Imperial Mage

07.03.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

This is an old imperial mage for my imperial Oldhammer Imperial army. I’ve tried to paint it in an old school style. I hope you…

Space Hulk Terminators

27.02.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

My first two Terminators for Space Hulk. Lovely miniatures!! JFO Miniature Painting

Space Hulk complements

25.02.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

Two small pieces for my Space Hulk. JFO Miniature Painting

Genestealer for Space Hulk #1

23.02.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

After the first Terminator I have finished the first Genestealer from the Space Hulk boxed set. I’m quite happy with the colour scheme that I…

Space Hulk Terminator #1

20.02.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

I have finished my first Terminator for Space Hulk. It’s a superb model. I haven’t painted any WH 40k miniature for years, but I have…

High Elf Mage

15.02.2017, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

I have a huge collection of unpainted WHF High Elves. I’ll try to gather a small force of painted troops for playing Oldhammer. Here’s a…

New project: High Elves Oldhammer

07.09.2016, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

Because a wargamer has never enough opened projects at the same time, it is compulsory to start new ones as soon as possible. I started…

Imperial War Wagon

02.03.2016, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

After two months without updating my blog, I’ve finally found the time to finish this Imperial War Wagon for Oldhammer. I really like this model…


27.12.2015, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

I have finished my Reiksguard infantry unit for an Imperial army for Oldhammer. I add a photo as well with my painted units so far.…

Karl Kranz on Deathclaw for Oldhammer

21.12.2015, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

This is the classic model of the Emperor Karl Franz from Citadel Minaitures. Now it has joined my Imperial Oldhammer army. JFO Miniature Painting

Oldhammer!! Imperial Reiksgard

14.12.2015, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

Five of my twenty Imperial Reiksgard for Warhammer Fantasy. These are really good models indeed. All the miniatures are from Citadel Miniatures. JFO Miniature Painting

Imperial Cannon

01.12.2015, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

One piece more for my Oldhammer Imperial Army, a Great Cannon. The miniatures are from Citadel Miniatures. JFO Miniature Painting


13.11.2015, | Fantasy / Sci-fi

I’ve started to collect an Imperial army for Oldhammer. The first miniatures are a mortar and its gunners. The miniatures are rom Citadel Miniatures. JFO…